Rigging, Mooring, Lifting Equipment for Offshore Energy Industries

Franklin Offshore Australia is a leader in servicing the offshore energy industry. We specialise in the supply and manufacture of rigging, lifting and mooring equipment as well as offering hire of lifting equipment and services including NDT testing, inspection and re-certification, mooring design, installation and analysis.

While predominantly focused on the offshore oil and gas markets, we also service a number of other industries.

We provide rigging equipment hire, steel wire rope, synthetic rope, non destructive testing and other solutions to segments within industries such as:

  • Offshore oil and gas – We offer a range of products specifically made for use in offshore businesses. The majority of these products follow the requirements of DNV Standard for lifting applications (DNV 2.7-1 and DNV lifting equipment). These standards are common within the offshore industry and specify the product performance and how the products should be tested.
  • Marine – High wear resistance and longer life systems for a range of marine applications including fishing and aquaculture
  • Mining – The rough environment demands products you can trust and that go beyond normal operating requirements and standards. Regardless of the situation, our lifting equipment is a preferred choice within the mining industry.
  • Construction – Lifting equipment and products to increase flexibility, efficiency, maximise value and minimise costs
  • Crane – Safety and efficiency are the essential criteria in transport of any materials from the ground to the expected arrival level. Our flexible lifting equipment and multifunctional systems meet all the requirements of this broad market.
  • Engineering – Experienced personnel including marine engineers and a qualified team to carry out visual, mechanical and NDT testing and re-certification
  • Manufacturing – We provide NDT testing and a range of design and manufacturing solutions
  • Transport – Products for ease of goods handling and secure lashing

Whatever your industry, if you need rigging, mooring or lifting equipment and associated services we can supply solutions and a high performance product range designed to meet your operational demands.

Call us today on +61 (08) 9410 6000 to discuss your specific industry requirements.