New Range of Mooring Buoys

Franklin Offshore Australia now offers a new range of mooring Buoys and navigation equipment to complement our existing steel Can buoy range.

  • Made from UV stabilised virgin polyethylene and Rotationally moulded using foam sandwich construction.
  • All our buoys are filled with closed cell polyurethane foam to give a reserve buoyancy
  • Due to the nature of polyethylene all our buoys are virtually maintenance free. As a result of this they have a design life of the up to 15 years.

Marlin Mooring Buoys

Franklin Offshore Australia’s Marlin Mooring Buoys are Modular in construction, offering buoyancy from 100 to 6000kg with tie bars from 12t to 55t WLL

Our Tie bars are not moulded in, because of this they are designed to be replaced, re-galvanised or converted to chain, through out the life of the buoy

  • Wall thickness of Marlin 100 & 200 Buoys – 10mm
  • Wall Thickness of Marlin 1000 to 6000 Buoys – 24mm
  • Suitable for use in cyclone areas
6 Tonne Marlin Module Mooring Buoy

Sentry 1 Navigation Aid

Franklin Offshore Australia’s Sentry 1 Navigation Aid Buoys are Virgin UV Stabilised Polyethylene using Foam sandwich technique

  • Wall thickness approx. 10mm
  • Focal height 1100mm
  • Available in All IALA colours
  • Suitable for In shore or offshore applications
Sentry 1 – Navigation Aid

Top marks / Light cage

Franklin Offshore Australia’s Top Marks & Light Cages are made from HMPE Polyethylene in a traditional design

  • A range of sizes to suit many applications
  • Hi visibility and virtually maintenance free
  • Both the Cardinal & Lateral top marks with light cages are available
  • All colours to IALA standards

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