Offshore Anchors: Purpose & Types

Offshore anchors – those used to secure offshore rigs used in the production of oil and gas – are important in ensuring the long life of that rig. It’s also important in ensuring the safety of the people that work on board the rig. If the rig is not stable, then any unplanned movement will put those people at risk. As you can see, offshore anchors play a vital role in the offshore rigging industry.

Due to these requirements, there are several types of these anchors that Franklin Offshore Australia carries for use in the offshore industry. Let’s look at a few of these types:

Types of Offshore Anchors

The type of offshore anchor you choose for your specific application will depend on several factors:

  • The ocean conditions
  • The climate that the rig will be exposed to
  • The conditions of the sea floor (sand, limestone, etc.)
  • Size of the Rig


The ST & ST-S Offshore Anchor

This anchor is one of the most versatile ones available to the offshore rigging industry at this time and as such it is one of the most commonly used with offshore rigs. It is an HHP (high holding power) anchor that has an adjustable shank. This adjustable shank is perfect for changing the anchor to meet the soil needs rather than getting a whole new anchor for each application. This greatly reduces costs over time.

The Flipper Delta Offshore Anchor

The Flipper Delta is an SHHP (superior high holding power) anchor that can easily penetrate many different types of soil due to its open construction. At Franklin Offshore Australia, we carry many different sizes in stock so you can pick up the right ones for your specific application. Sizes range from 500kg to 5 tonne.

The Bruce Twin Shank Offshore Anchor

This popular offshore anchor stays put in many different seabed conditions, including changing water directions and incoming or outgoing tides. The anchor also sets quickly so you can get to work quickly as well. The Bruce Twin Shank has a very unique design that allows it to stay embedded to give a very stable support system for your rig.

Franklin Offshore Australia offers other types of anchors in addition to these. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs. Franklin Offshore would love to be your sole provider of offshore rigging, mooring, and lifting equipment.