Rigging Equipment

Why Rent Rigging Equipment?

There are many benefits to choosing rigging equipment hire. Franklin Offshore Australia not only provides rentals of many different types of rigging, but also services needed to use it. No matter what your needs are, you don’t need to invest in a lot of equipment and personnel to handle your project, you just need to be able to hire the right company to provide the equipment or services you need. Make sure you get the right equipment for the job, and right on time.

Lower Upfront Cost by Renting Your Rigging Equipment

If you have a large scale project, you can lower your project’s upfront costs by not spending a fortune buying everything you need and then wondering if you are going to need that exact equipment for the next project. Having to juggle between the equipment you have bought for a previous project, and the equipment you need for the next project can not only be time consuming, but also its not always Economical on your budget. This is where Hiring Equipment from Franklin Offshore Australia will benefit you. When you rent, the equipment goes back to Franklin Offshore Australia as soon as you are done and you only pay for the time and use of it.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Maintenance of the Rigging Equipment

Because the equipment doesn’t belong to you, part of what the convenience of renting is not having to worry about the high costs of maintenance and repair of the rigging equipment used on your project. Make a call when something breaks and you are not the one to replace or fix it. This is a major benefit to renting the rigging equipment you use because if you financed it and are still paying on it, and then you have to replace and are paying on the new one as well, your cash flow can be seriously hurt.

Long Term Cost Liabilities & Accounting Processes are a Thing of the Past

When you choose to hire rigging equipment, you don’t have to worry about the depreciation and accounting process behind a large purchase because you are just paying for the equipment to show up so you can either have your own employees get the job done or you can have Franklin Offshore’s many skilled employees provide that service as well. Save some time at the accountant’s office, or save your in-house accountant some “hair pulling out” moments, and rent instead.

Where Do You Need the Rigging Equipment to Show Up?

When you work with a reputable company such as Franklin Offshore Australia, you can be certain they have a large network behind them that will make sure you can get your equipment to you anywhere in the world. And when you’re done with it just say the word and it’s gone so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Franklin Offshore International will make sure that delivery and pick-up of the equipment happens when it needs to. It gets there on time so you can begin your project and the equipment is out of your hair when the project is completed so you can move on to the next one.