Load Indicators

Tension load cells

Tension Load Cells (or Load indicators) are used widely throughout the Rigging, Lifting, Construction & Offshore industries.  They are the perfect product for reliably checking the Weight or Tension measurement of any given item.

Franklin Offshore Australia carries a large range of Load Cells for both hire and purchase.

The ‘MSL’ Safe-T-Weigh range of loadcells is one of the most well known & commonly used brand of wireless tension loadcell used today. Due to this, Franklin Offshore Australia has partnered with MSL for the past 10 years in bringing their brand of loadcells to the market.

The proven wireless technology uses the 2.4Ghz frequency and is able to reliably provide load readings for up to 100 Metres.

Our fleet of Safe-T-Weigh Tension Load Cells range from as low as 6.5 Tonne and go all the way up to 150 Tonne.

Load Indicators

Readout of Tension Load during the Testing of a Container


Compression load cells

We also carry a range of Compression Load Cells available for hire, ranging from 50 Tonne to 150 Tonne with NATA Calibration.

Supplied in sets of x4, Compression Load cells are perfect for checking the weight of items that may be awkward to lift. The readout allows you to cycle through what each loadcell is reading, and will also show the total weight of the item with all x4 Cells combined.


All of the Load Cells within our hire fleet are supplied with current NATA Calibration Certificates. So you can always be sure you will be receive accurate load readings every time.


Load Indicator

MSL Safe-T-Weigh Loadcell

Steel Wire Rope

STEEL Wire Rope

Franklin Offshore Australia is a specialist supplier of steel wire rope for all applications. Our trained staff are able to advise on the right product for your specific use, from lifting & rigging equipment to high-performance cranes and riser tensioner cables.

Performance, safety and reliability are crucial factors when selecting from the many products available and it is important to consider the conditions under which steel wire rope types need to operate. This is to ensure peak performance without the risk of failure in critical moments.

Choose from our Wire Rope products including:

6 Strand Steel Wire Rope

Franklin Offshore Australia carries out of the largest inventories of 6 stranded Wire rope in Australia.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications including lifting slings, Winch wires, Tow Lines and Hoist Wires. 6 Stranded wire rope is one of the most versatile forms of wire rope in the market.

For more information please see how data sheet below: Steel Rope Data Sheet

Non Rotate WIRE ROPE

Franklin Offshore Australia can source a wide variety of Non-Rotation wire ropes to suit your needs.

Non-Rotate wire rope is commonly used for single part or multipart reeving systems. It is multi-layered constructions helps prevent it from twisting and bird caging under load.

Common sizes and Constructions can be found in the following data sheet: Non-Rotate Wire Rope

High Performance Ropes

Teaming up with Bridon-Bekaert allows Franklin Offshore Australia to be able to offer the full Bridon range of high-performance wire ropes including crane ropes, Construction, Mining & Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration Ropes.

Bridon has been manufacturing wire ropes for more than 100 Years making them one of the world leading specialist’s in the manufacture of high-Performance wire ropes.

Bridon’s Dyform 8 & Dyform 34LR are staples in the high-performance wire rope industry and are one of the most commonly sought after high-performance ropes on the market.

A quick detail of the Bridon Range can be found in our PDF located here: High-Performance Wire Rope

If you are looking for further information on the full Bridon Product range, contact one of our sales team or see the Bridon brochure below: Bridon Brochure

wire rope

‘Bristar’ Plastic covered wire core


Superflex Cable

Superflex Wire ropes are designed for applications where high breaking strains, outstanding rotation resistance, or tremendous flexibility are needed.

It is a plaited configuration, setting it apart from standard wire rope which is Laid or Twisted. This allows the cable to be composed of many more wires than a standard laid wire rope.

Superflex cable is comprised of 912 individual wires in a cross-section which creates a cable with great flexibility yet still strong enough for practical general use.

Franklin Offshore Australia is able to supply Superflex in a cable length or in a sling form.

Superflex Wire Rope

Cable Stockings

Cable Stockings (or Cable Socks) are effectively tubing weaved together with wire rope. They are designed to securely grip all types of bare cables when there is no end fitting to grab hold off.

The more tension applied, the tighter the cable sock will grip the wire rope.

We are able to offer a wide range of cable socks to suit your needs.

You can find more information below: Cable Socks



Ask Our Advice On Steel Wire Rope

Ask our advice on the right product for your application. We understand the demands of offshore oil and gas and can advise the best selections to ensure performance, safety and reliability. Call us today on (08) 9410 2480 to find out more.

steel wire rope


Spooling & Winding Machines

Franklin Offshore Australia has a large range of Electric & Hydraulic Spooling Equipment for Hire.

With Our range of winders & spooling machines, from 20 Tonne to 100 Tonne. And our specially trained staff. We are able to offer both Dry hire of our equipment or supply technicians to help with your spooling operation.

From Reel to Reel wire transfers to complete Vessel Tow Wire change outs. We have been at the forefront of winding services in Australia for years.

Winders & Winches


Winches and Hoists

Anchor Winches and Electric Hoists

Franklin Offshore Australia has a range of winders, anchor winches and electric hoists suited to almost any kind of offshore vessels.

We can solve the most challenging lifting, pulling and positioning applications in the demanding offshore oil and gas industry with anchor winches and electric hoists designed to meet tough offshore operational conditions as well as customer requirements.

We can also modify or custom manufacture to suit your application and specifications. Anchor winches, electric hoists and other lifting equipment are available for hire or sale.

Lifting Equipment for Hire or Sale

Our lifting equipment for sale or hire includes:

  • 32 tonne capacity hydraulic spooling machine with mechanically operated brake
  • 50 tonne capacity double drum waterfall winches with air controlled braking system
  • 60 tonne capacity hydraulic spooling machine with a 10 tonne capacity electronically controlled hold back tension facility, adjustable to suit 1300-
  • 3300mm reel widths
  • 100 tonne winder and 150 tonne winch also available

Reliable Performance

High quality components in our anchor and electric winches deliver reliable performance and long lasting service. Electric anchor winches are designed to offer maximum environmental resistance and are available in single phase and three phase models suitable for many hoisting and pulling operations.

Our smaller 12 and 24 volt DC winches are ideal for installation in small trucks and utilities to eliminate the need for manual lifting.

Electrically-driven anchor handling/towing winches ensure safe operations, easy maintenance, and combine improved operability with a low environmental impact, reduced power consumption and low installation costs.

Our high capacity electric hoist models feature space saving design with time proven, rugged and reliable construction and variable power sources to meet the most demanding industrial applications.

Find Out More

Find out more about lifting equipment hire, our electric hoist models or anchor winches suited to your requirements. Contact us today on +61 (08) 9410 6000 to speak to our friendly team.


Specialised Equipment

Look no further than Franklin Offshore Australia for quality and specialised equipment to service the offshore, resources and construction industries.

We can provide

  • Lifting equipment for hire – we’re specialists in rigging, lifting and mooring equipment
  • Waterbags
  • Flying forks
  • Hose lifters
  • Pallet trolleys
  • Spreader beams
  • Man cages
  • Wire rope lubrication systems
  • Heavy Lift Offshore Baskets – Franklin Offshore Australia can also hire out our Heavy Lift Offshore Baskets for speciality Lifts. With a 49 Tonne Payload & a 6.6m x 3.05m deck space, it is an ideal solution for Lifting containers or various heavy items for Offshore & Onshore Lifts.
  • And more

Wire Rope Lubrication Systems

Get prolonged rope-life whether used onshore, offshore, in shipping or in mining operations. Slow rust and corrosion and prevent core deterioration with our effective wire rope lubrication systems.

We have systems for fast and effective lubrication, eliminating slow and labour intensive manual lubrication and achieving better results with lubricant applied under pressure through to the core of the wire rope.


  • Reduces labour required to lubricate wire ropes by up to 90 per cent.
  • Protects wire rope against corrosion
  • Excellent lubrication of strands both internally and externally
  • Less mess and lubricant wastage, lower lubricant costs
  • Lubricates a wide range of wire rope sizes


  • Crane ropes – Static overhead, mobile, tower, ship and wharf cranes
  • Marine and offshore – Mooring lines, dredge cables, anchor cables, drill lines, ship deck winches, tug boat winches, remote operated vehicles (ROV), umbilical cables, dam sluice gate lubrication
  • Manufacturers – Internal coating while in production, external coating as finished product
  • Mining – Mine winder applications, stacker reclaimer boom and bucket wheel excavator boom wires

Meet Project Specifications

Call us today to discuss specialised equipment and lifting, mooring and rigging solutions to suit your project specifications. Contact us online or call +61 (08) 9410 6000.

foau_heavy_lift_basket2 foau_heavy_lift_basket1


Wire Rope Sockets

Wire rope sockets are used to attach wire ropes to a fixed point. Some of these applications include Anchoring systems for tubes & pipes, Anchor Wires, Lifting Cables, Offshore Mooring Leg Wires, Towing Cables or Fastening cables for construction purposes (Bridges, etc…).

When installing sockets onto wire rope Franklin Offshore Australia uses a Resin product called wirelock.

As Wire rope spelter sockets are the strongest wire rope ending fitting available, when installed correctly using Wirelock they are designed to be able to give you 100% use of the wire rope MBL.

Franklin Offshore Australia has a large range of wire rope sockets available consisting of:


Wire Rope Broomed & Ready for CR Socket to be installed







Find Out More

Find out more about Wire rope sockets and other end fittings suited to your requirements. Contact us today on +61 (08) 9410 6000 to speak to our friendly team.



Commonly used in the Oil & Gas, Construction & Mining sectors. Shackles are the most common product found through out the Lifting & Rigging industries for a large manner of Lifting Operations & Static Systems.

The Van Beest ‘Green Pin’ shackles are one of the most popular brand of shackles, and Franklin Offshore Australia maintains a large range of these throughout our Branches.

Their sizes range from as small as 0.33 Tonne up to 1500 Tonne.

Van Beest shackles are also approved for a variety of standards including:

  • DNV2.7-1 Offshore Containers
  • EN 12709-2 Offshore Containers
  • EN 13889 Forged Steel Shackles for General Purpose Lifting
  • DNVGL-ST-273 Portable Offshore Units
  • DNV 2.22 Lifting Applications

Shackles Types stocked through our branches are:

  • Van Beest Safety Pin Bow Shackles
  • Van Beest Screw Pin Bow & Dee Shackles
  • Van Beest HD Shackles
  • Van Beest Sling Saver Shackles
  • Other styles are available upon request


A detailed chart of the Van Beest Safety Pin Bow Shackles & Van Beest HD Shackles can be found here:Van Beest Shackles


Find out more

Talk to us today, We have a wide range of Lifting shackles available we are sure we’ll find the right to suit your needs. Call +61 (08) 9410 6000 or send an online enquiry.

Mobile Rigging

Mobile Rigging Lofts

Franklin Offshore Australia carries both 10ft and 20ft Onshore & Offshore rated Mobile Rigging Lofts available for Hire.

Supplied either Empty or Loaded with Rigging. They are able to be be re-fitted upon request to suite your needs.

Franklin Offshore Australia carries both 10′ and 20′ options along with a large range of Rigging Equipment that is available for Hire.

Each loft will be supplied with a Certified Rigging Register that will list all equipment supplied within, as well as full certification for each container for Onshore & Offshore lifting.

Equipment that we can have pre-packed into the loft for you includes:

  • Masterlinks
  • Lifting Slings (Polyester, Chain or Wire)
  • Large range of shackles
  • Lifting Clamps
  • Lever & Chain Hoists
  • And much more…


Rigging Lofts

10ft Offshore Rated Rigging Loft

10ft Offshore Rigging Loft Packed with Rigging Equipment

Inside of our 10ft Offshore Rigging Lof









Rigging Lofts from Franklin Offshore

Rely on our team to find the right equipment for your project. Talk to us today, call +61 (08) 9410 6000 or send an online enquiry.

Miscellaneous Transport & Rigging Equipment

Grade 70 Transport Equipment

We stock & Supply a large range Chain, Hooks and Fittings designed specifically for use within the transport industry including:

  • G70 Transport (Load Binder) Chain, Sizes range from 8mm to 13mm
  • G70 Clevis Grab Hooks with Wings
  • G70 Clevis Slip Hooks
  • G70 Lug Links
  • G70 Standard Loadbinders with Grab Hooks or Claw Hooks
  • G70 Ratchet Type Loadbinders with Grab Hooks or Claw Hooks
  • Ratchet Tie Down Assemblies.

You can see these items within our PDF here: Transport Equipment

Miscellaneous Rigging Equipment

To make sure we are your one stop shop when looking for Rigging Equipment, we also carry a large range of miscellaneous equipment. These various products will help with the finer things required for your projects. These are products such as:

  • Collared Lifting Eyebolts
  • Swivel Type Lifting Eyebolts
  • Commerical & Proofcoil Chain
  • Cargo Nets
  • Weld on Load Rings
  • Turnbuckles
  • and more…

Miscellaneous Equipment

Galvanized Proofcoil Chain

It DOESN’T end there…

With our large knowledge of rigging industry products, you can be sure that our sales team will stop at nothing to help you find the product you need to suit your Rigging & Lifting requirements. Talk to us today, call +61 (08) 9410 6000 or send an online enquiry.

Materials Handling

Franklin Offshore Australia is able to supply a range of Materials Handling equipment to suite all requirements.

Franklin Offshore Australia can also source Electric Chain Hoists & Winches as required. And has a working relationship with Many Materials Handling suppliers.

Clamps & Girder TRolleys

Used for a variety of applications within the Lifting & Rigging Industry. Girder Clamps and Girder Trolleys are essential to most workshop requirements. Girder Clamps are available in a wide range of sizes, from as small as 500kgs and up to 10 Tonne

Girder Trolleys follow suit within the same lifting range but are also supplied as either a Manual Push type, Chain Pulled Gear type or Motorized. You can see some of the specifications within our PDF here:

Grider Clamps & Trolleys

Snatch Blocks

Snatch Blocks are another common product used throughout the Lifting & Rigging Industry.

Franklin Offshore Australia carries the Swivel Type Snatch Block with Shackle Head has standard, however we are able to source any other type to suit your requirements.

Please see our range in our PDF:Snatch Blocks

Shackle Head Swivel Type Snatch Block

Chain & Lever Blocks

Franklin Offshore Australia is a distributor for William Hackett Chain & Lever Blocks.

Chain Blocks & Lever blocks are some of the most versatile lifting products available in the market. Used for a variety of applications, allowing for ease of use when lifting heavy loads and the William Hackett range of blocks is no different.

Chain Blocks

The WH-C4 Chain block features:

  • Lifting range from 0.5 Tonne up to 50 Tonne
  • Standard lift height of 3 Metres. Alternative lengths Available upon request
  • Complies with Australian Standard AS1418.2-1997 for use within Australia
  • Overload Indicator Marks
  • Twin Pawl double safety fitted as standard

WH-C4 Chainblock

Lever Blocks

The WH-L4 Lever block features:

  • Lifting range from 0.8 Tonne to 20 Tonne
  • Standard height of lift 1.5 Metres. Alternative lengths available upon request
  • Australian Standard AS1418.2-1997
  • Overload Indicator Marks
  • Twin Pawl double safety fitted as standard

WH-L4 Lever Block

Subsea Lever block

New to the market is the SS-L5 Topside & Subsea Lever hoist. This William Hackett second generation hoist is the first lever hoist to be awarded by DNVGL ‘Saltwater Immersion test verification, Report No. A0359376.02, Rev.1. The report verifies that the SS-L5 type lever hoist could be safely used over a 21 day single immersion and a 31 day multi immersion period.

The SS-L5 Topside & Subsea Lever hoist has the following features:

  • Lifting Range from 0.8 Tonne to 10 Tonne
  • DABS (Dual Anti-Lock Brake System), this allows the load chain to be adjusted in freewheel mode without locking the brake.
  • Stainless Steel Pawl Springs & Fixing
  • Sintered / Fused Friction Material directly onto the ratchet gear. Grooves in the friction material enable water to be dispelled from the friction surface more effectively during  subsea operations.
  • Corrosion Protected Brake Mechanisim
  • Adjustable Traveling End Stop

SS-L5 Subsea Leverblock

For a list of our stocked Chain & Lever Blocks, please see our data sheet: Hackett Chain & Lever Blocks