Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain

Franklin Offshore Australia carries a large range of both studlink & studless anchor chain for all your requirements.

Anchor Chain sizes range from 17.5mm to 76mm as standard and larger sizes can be supplied upon request.

All our Studlink Chain & Components are supplied with Third Party Certification from LR, ABS or DNV.

Studlink Chain Dimensions Studlink Chain MBL & Proofload Chart Studless Chain MBL & Proofload Chart

A length of 64mm Anchor Chain

64mm Studlink Chain



Chain Chasers were developed to overcome the problems of recovering rig anchors when anchor pendant lines failed in service. Due to this, chasers have been developed over the years to suit a variety of mooring systems. They have many different shapes and sizes but common types found on most rigs are: Permanent, J-Type & Wire line Chasers.

Click on Our Data sheet below to see Size & Dimensions of Common Chasers Data Sheet

Hawser Thimbles, Wide Body Shackles

Hawser Thimbles help with the connection between Anchor Chain & Fibre Rope Hawsers.

It creates an ease of use between the two different types of mooring components.

Hawser Thimbles & Wide Body Shackles

Anchor Chain Fittings

Franklin Offshore Australia carries a large range of chain fittings to suit the Mooring & Offshore market.

Common fittings used with mooring systems are Forerunner Swivels (Bow & Eye), Kenter Shackles, Pear Links & Anchor & Joining Shackles.

Our  data sheets below show common dimensions fore these fittings: Jaw & Jaw Swivels & Detachable C-Links

Bow & Eye Swivels

‘D’ Type Joining Shackles

‘D’ Type Anchor Shackles

Pelican Hooks & Pear Links

Tonsberg Mooring Links & Mandal Fairlead Shackles