Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain is the most common chain used in Marine Industries. Its Commonly used for Moorings, Chafe Chains & Ballast applications.

We carry a large range of both studlink & studless anchor chain to suit all your requirements. Supplied in 27.5 Metre shot lengths, our Anchor chain sizes range from 16mm to 83mm, with  larger sizes to be able to be supplied upon request.

All our Studlink Chain & Components are supplied with Third Party Certification from either LR, ABS or DNV.

For more details on our Studlink Anchor Chain, please see our PDF data sheets below:

Anchor Chain

Studlink Anchor Chain

Studless Anchor Chain

A length of 64mm Anchor Chain

64mm Studlink Chain


Chain Chasers

Chain Chasers were developed to overcome the problems of recovering rig anchors when anchor pendant lines failed in service. Due to this, chasers have been developed over the years to suit a variety of mooring systems. They have many different shapes and sizes but the most common types found on rigs are: The Permanent, The J-Type & The Wire line Chasers.

For further details including sizes & dimensions of these Chain Chasers, please see our PDF document below:

Chain Chasers

Hawser Thimbles, Mandal Fairlead Shackles & Tonsberg Links

These three components allow for different connections between various mooring components.

  • Hawser Thimbles – Due to the size difference between Anchor Chain & Fibre Rope Hawsers, Hawser Thimbles are designed to help with the connection between these two different mooring components.
  • Mandal Fairlead Shackles – These are a connection point between Fibre Rope & Wire rope. These shackles have a sleek design so that they are able to pass through ships fairleads. With a wide body it allows the fibre rope to fit snug without damage and uses a wide roller to give the wire rope a wide fit without point loading.
  • Tonsberg Links – Another connection point between Wire Rope & Fibre Rope. Designed in reverse to the Mandal Fairlead Shackle, it body is designed for the wire rope to sit firmly without point loading and a wide diameter pin for the Fibre Rope.

Further details can be found here: Hawser Thimbles, Mandal Shackles & Tonsberg Links

Anchor Chain Fittings

Due to its versatility, Anchor chain can have many different types of fittings installed to suit its job requirement. Franklin Offshore Australia carries a large range of chain fittings for this purpose.

  • Kenter Links – As standard anchor chain is sold in 27.5 Metre lengths. Kenter Links (or Kenter Shackles) are used to connect one length of Anchor chain to another. They are designed to have the same outer dimensions as the chain they are connecting to, so that they can run through the vessel’s gypsy wheel with no issue. Further details found in our PDF document: Kenter Links
  • ‘D’ Type Joining Shackles – These are designed to allow connection between two studless endlinks of anchor chain. Unlike the Kenter Link, ‘D’ Type Joining Shackles to not fit the gypsy.
  • ‘D’ Type Anchor Shackles – Used to connect the Studless Endlink of Anchor chain to the Anchor via the Anchor Crown Shackle. Further details on both the ‘D’ Type Joining Shackle & ‘D’ Type Anchor shackle can be found in our PDF document: Anchor Shackles
  • Forerunner Swivels (Bow & Eye) – A mooring chain may twist around itself over time which will cause issues when retrieving the chain as it may not sit in the gypsy correctly. A Forerunner swivel is installed in the system to allow the chain to untwist itself when being pulled up so that it may pass through the gypsy easily.
  • Jaw & Jaw Swivels – Designed to fit between the Anchor Chain End Link and direct onto the Crown shackle of the Anchor. It alleviates the use of a “D’ Type Anchor Shackle and also allows the Anchor or Chain to untwist upon retrieval. Further details on both types of Chain Swivels can be found in our PDF document here: Chain Swivels
  • Pelican Hooks – Generally used as a chain stopper, they help to secure Anchors & Anchor chains to the deck of the vessel
  • Pear Links – Commonly used as a go to, to connect a larger chain to a smaller chain or a large anchor shackle to a smaller anchor chain. Details on our Pelican Hooks & Pearlinks can be found here: Pelican Hooks & Pearlinks
  • C-Links – Perfect for use as replacement links or to attach anchor chains together. They are designed to meet the MBL of the same size anchor chain. Further details can be found here: C-Links