Franklin Offshore Australia is a leading supplier of offshore anchors to the Offshore & Oil & Gas Industry. We carry large Stocks of the Delta Flipper, ST & STS anchors in Australia.


The ST & ST-S Offshore Anchor is a versatile High Holding Power (HHP) anchor with an adjustable shank to designed to help accommodate different soil conditions.

These Anchor types are one of the most applied anchors in the offshore industry. Data Sheet

STS Rig Type Offshore Anchors

Franklin Offshore 3 Tonne STS Anchor

Flipper Delta

The Flipper Delta Offshore Anchor is a Superior High Holding Power Anchor.

It has an open construction allowing for ease of penetration into different types of soil.

We carry a variety of sizes in stock in Australia ranging from: 500kg to 5 Tonne.

Flipper Delta Offshore Anchor

3 Tonne Franklin Offshore Flipper Delta Anchor

Bruce Twin Shank

The Bruce Anchor is popular because it sets quickly and stays in the seabed. It’s unique design always engages the bottom and digs in within two shank lengths so that it stays buried with the change of direction and tide.

Data Sheet

Other Anchor Types

There a many other Anchor types available for the offshore industry.

Other types available are the: Pool TW, Halls Stockless, AC-14, Danforth,  and many more.

Please see our data sheet on Anchor Styles here: Anchor Types

Offshore Anchors from Franklin Offshore

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