Lifting Slings

Industrial Lifting Equipment

Franklin Offshore Australia is a leading supplier of industrial lifting equipment and slings to a range of markets. Our stock includes synthetic, wire rope and slings with lifting capacities to several hundred tonnes.

All our industrial lifting equipment is proof load tested in accordance with Australian Standards and a NATA certificate is issued.

Choosing the best lifting equipment for your application will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Load – mass
  • Headroom
  • Type of load – steel, shipping containers, fabricated sections or vessels
  • Length of sling
  • Method of slinging
  • Environmental elements such as corrosion or heat

Wire Rope

These are available in 1770 grade wire and wire rope core with aluminium ferrule-secured eyes, and chain slings in endless, single or multi leg systems. It is just one of the many types of industrial lifting equipment that Franklin Offshore offers.

Typical applications:

  • Lifting in offshore industry applications
  • Lifting and tethering in leisure marine applications
  • General purposes
  • Lashing and tie downs
  • Complex applications

Flat Webbing

Featuring a wide, flat surface and strength exceeding chain, webbing slings are lighter than rope and more resilient than wire. All are colour coded in relation to their lift capacity.


  • 100 per cent high tenacity polyester
  • With reinforced lifting eyes
  • Length available 1m to 10m
  • Single ply or double ply
  • Low elongation
  • Safety factor available 8:1


Designed to meet Australian Standards, round slings are stronger than chain and lighter than rope.


  • 100 per cent high tenacity polyester, outer sleeve and inner core
  • Low elongation
  • Effective working length available 1m to 50m
  • With two ply woven heavy duty outer sleeve
  • Each strip is equal to 1 ton capacity
  • Safety factor available: 7:1

Industrial Lifting Solutions

Rely on our products and services to find the right solution for your application. We have a wide range of industrial lifting equipment to get the job done. Talk to us today, call +61 (08) 9410 6000 or send an online enquiry.

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