Load Indicators

Tension load cells

Tension Load Cells (or Load indicators) are used widely throughout the Rigging, Lifting, Construction & Offshore industries.  They are the perfect product for reliably checking the Weight or Tension measurement of any given item.

Franklin Offshore Australia carries a large range of Load Cells for both hire and purchase.

The ‘MSL’ Safe-T-Weigh range of loadcells is one of the most well known & commonly used brand of wireless tension loadcell used today. Due to this, Franklin Offshore Australia has partnered with MSL for the past 10 years in bringing their brand of loadcells to the market.

The proven wireless technology uses the 2.4Ghz frequency and is able to reliably provide load readings for up to 100 Metres.

Our fleet of Safe-T-Weigh Tension Load Cells range from as low as 6.5 Tonne and go all the way up to 150 Tonne.

Load Indicators

Readout of Tension Load during the Testing of a Container


Compression load cells

We also carry a range of Compression Load Cells available for hire, ranging from 50 Tonne to 150 Tonne with NATA Calibration.

Supplied in sets of x4, Compression Load cells are perfect for checking the weight of items that may be awkward to lift. The readout allows you to cycle through what each loadcell is reading, and will also show the total weight of the item with all x4 Cells combined.


All of the Load Cells within our hire fleet are supplied with current NATA Calibration Certificates. So you can always be sure you will be receive accurate load readings every time.


Load Indicator

MSL Safe-T-Weigh Loadcell