Mobile Rigging

Mobile Rigging Lofts

Franklin Offshore Australia carries both 10ft and 20ft Onshore & Offshore rated Mobile Rigging Lofts available for Hire.

Supplied either Empty or Loaded with Rigging. They are able to be be re-fitted upon request to suite your needs.

Franklin Offshore Australia carries both 10′ and 20′ options along with a large range of Rigging Equipment that is available for Hire.

Each loft will be supplied with a Certified Rigging Register that will list all equipment supplied within, as well as full certification for each container for Onshore & Offshore lifting.

Equipment that we can have pre-packed into the loft for you includes:

  • Masterlinks
  • Lifting Slings (Polyester, Chain or Wire)
  • Large range of shackles
  • Lifting Clamps
  • Lever & Chain Hoists
  • And much more…


Rigging Lofts

10ft Offshore Rated Rigging Loft

10ft Offshore Rigging Loft Packed with Rigging Equipment

Inside of our 10ft Offshore Rigging Lof









Rigging Lofts from Franklin Offshore

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