Ensco 104 Hang Off Frame Waterbag Test

Franklin Offshore Australia was contracted by Scantech offshore to carry out a 13.5 Tonne proofload test on a Hang off frame they had installed onboard the Ensco 104 Rig.

This test was carried out using our 20 Tonne Waterbag & 25 Tonne Loadcell setup.

Once the Waterbag is installed and filled with Water to the required tonnage, the load was suspended in place for a total of 5 Minutes.

Once complete, Post test checks where then carried out on the hang off frame, making sure that the frame and all associated welds are free from any damage or permanent deformation.

Installing the Empty Waterbag

Waterbag Installed onto Hangoff Frame

Readout of the Load applied using the Waterbag

Waterbag Snorkel has been released allowing the bag to empty