Repairs to “Multicore Messenger Line”

Upon receipt of a Multicore Messenger Line, Franklin Offshore re-spooled it from its figure eight coil on a pallet, onto a steel reel. During this process a cursory visual inspection was made to assess its general overall condition. Notable issues were found and a plan was formulated to repair the messenger line.

The Rope was pull up to 10 Tonne in our testbed to equalize the stress on the Yarn, Core & Cover.

The outer jacket required repair to return the rope back to its original dimensions.

We stripped back the rope whipping to expose the damaged mid section of the messenger line. Repairs were carried out keeping in mind to maintain the outer diameter as close to the original as possible.

The repair was covered with PTC Tubing, further Seized and Finally urethane coated to keep it protected

Once all work was completed the messenger line was then spooled back onto a steel reel for future storage. It was back with the eye and Bobbin on the inside encapsulated in a pocket for easy inspection and the small messenger outside for easy installation onto a winch system if required.