Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing

Franklin Offshore Australia is NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited to carry out Destructive Testing on a range of Rigging and Lifting Components.

We can carry out destructive testing to Wire Rope, Fibre Rope, Chain & Fittings. All testing is carried out in a controlled environment within our destructive testing facility.

Destruction Testing – What Do We Do?

The item in question that requires destructive testing will be installed into our testbed, and a tensile force is then applied until we reach the Ultimate Break Load of the item. This type of testing is performed in a controlled environment, and usually at approved testing laboratories. This is so that the trained personnel that carry out the testing remain safe and so that the results of the tests are recorded accurately.

The data received by our Calibrated Load cell is then recorded and a certificate of the test is then issued.

Why Do You Need Destructive Testing?

Destructive testing ensures your rigging and lifting components meet specific equipment standards (Australian Standards, DNV-GL, EN, International etc). These standards dictate certain safety factors that Lifting and Rigging equipment must meet before it can be used for lifting, pulling or other applications.

Do You Really Need Destructive Testing For Your Equipment?

Destructive testing may seem like something you don’t need to worry about, trusting your equipment will stick by you. However, you need to know that you and your crew are always safe when using any type of Lifting & Rigging equipment, be it: Wire rope, Fibre rope, or Lifting Chain while on the job. Making sure your equipment has been Tested to meet the required loads your rigging can handle is vital. You can read more information on why you absolutely need destruction testing by reading this destruction testing article we have written for you and which explains:

  • Who may need destructive testing as well as who performs it
  • What exactly destructive testing is and encompasses
  • When destructive testing is done
  • Where the destructive testing takes place
  • Why destructive testing is required


Arrange For Your Equipment To Have Destruction Testing

Contact Franklin Offshore today to arrange destructive testing, or talk to our team about your industry requirements. We operate around-the-clock and deliver projects on time and to budget.

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