Lifting Equipment Inspection

Visual Inspections

Franklin Offshore Australia is NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited to perform certified visual lifting equipment inspection. We perform inspections on a range of lifting equipment such as Frames, Containers, Lifting Beams, and other Receptacles for Loading & Unloading equipment.

This is performed through a thorough visual examination of the item in question.

Our lifting equipment inspection ensures that your rigging & lifting equipment are examined for any defects. They are measured and checked that all components are in a serviceable condition and comply with the relevant standard. Once the unit has been visually approved, documentation is then checked to make sure all relevant standards have been adhered too and everything sill complies with relevant dates.

Once complete, our administration team will type out a NATA Certificate Visual Inspection Certificate (CVI Certificate) to be issued to the client.

You can read more about Franklin Offshore, and the lifting equipment services we offer here.

Arrange an Inspection

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