Proof Loading

Proof Loading

Franklin Offshore Australia is NATA accredited to carry out proof loading on a wide range of lifting equipment, from Lifting slings (Wire Rope, Chain & Soft Slings) through to Containers, Offshore Units and various Frames & Lifting Devices.



We have various test beds installed out our branches certified for Proofloading.

Our Henderson Facility has two different sized test beds:

– “Large” Bed is capable of 800 Tonne in Proofload with a total length of 28 Metres. Making this the perfect size for Testing Long lengths of chain and other lift rigging and engineered equipment

– “Small” Bed is capable up to 100 Tonne with a total length of 12 Metres

Our Darwin Facility:

– 250 Tonne Test bed with a usable length of 28 Metres

Our Karratha Facility :

– 50 Tonne Test bed with a usable length of 8 Metres

Franklin Offshore Australia’s 800 Tonne Testbed

Test Weights & Engineered Frame Testing:

We carry various test weights in all our yards to allow for testing of Offshore Containers, Units & Engineered Frames as well as Spreader Bars & other lifting devices.

Our 35 Tonne Concrete Test Weights allow us to achieve large test loads with the use of slings bellied around frames and lifted devices. And our various small test weights allow us to place them on or inside the unit that requires proofloading.


Onsite Testing:

Our Mobile technicians are trained to carry out testing onsite as required. Through the use of Calibrated Test Weights, Waterbags & Testing Jigs along with our NATA Calibrated Loadcells & Gauges we can test Frames, Cranes, Padeyes and other various items on location.



If you require testing on any of your Rigging, Frames or Lifted Equipment, give us a call on +61 (08) 9410 6000 today, or email us to arrange your testing.