Lifting Equipment

What Type of Lifting Equipment Best Suits Your Needs?

Lifting equipment is used in many applications and Franklin Offshore can provide you with the equipment you need for heavy duty lifting. What type of equipment you need depends largely on what you are going to be doing, how heavy the loads are going to be, and how often you are going to be using the equipment. When determining whether to choose wire rope, chain, flat webbing, or round slings to use when lifting, consider the length of sling you will need, the size/weight of the loads, and what method you think will work best given whether you will be working around heat or acids.

Wire Rope Lifting Equipment

There are many different configurations and weight allowances found within the options available for wire rope. This type of lifting equipment is used primarily for general purposes or heavy duty lifting, and in many applications it is handy to have around even if you’re not lifting on a regular basis. Wire rope slings can also be stored pre-set on Containers and Goods cages and other types of lifted equipment ready to be used to lift the item straight away.

Flat Webbing Slings

Many people choose to use flat webbing when planning their projects because, as a form of lifting equipment, it can last longer (Due to being made of Fiber and not Steel, there is no Corrosion or Rust that can be found on Chain & Wire). It can also help to get the job done easier & faster than wire, due to it being a lot lighter than rope. You will find that Flat webbing slings are colour coded so choosing the right one for the weight you are lifting is easy. There are many options available for this type of lifting equipment. Choosing to use flat webbing means you can choose the correct type of flat webbing for the job instead of having to calculate for things like size and weight yourself, like you would if you were using wire rope or chain.

Round Slings Used for Lifting Equipment

Just like flat webbing, round slings a lot lighter than rope and are much stronger than chain. Also, because they are round and the points of lift (AKA the stress points) change each time they are used, the life of them is much longer when compared to other lifting equipment. Each size roundsling is colour coded just like the Flat Webbing Slings starting from 1 ton; Standard lengths are usually from 1m to 6m however different lengths can be manufactured upon request so you will always have the right length needed for the job.

How Franklin Offshore Australia Can Help You Get the Lifting Equipment You Need

Franklin Offshore isn’t just a provider of materials that you order from and then just leave it to you. We also provide the same services that use these products, so we know how important it is to use the proper equipment for the job, as well as how important safety is when using it. Choose a company that is invested in their customers whether they are a purchaser of products, services, or both. We can help you find a solution for your project that will work for you. Get in touch with us today!