Steel Wire Rope

STEEL Wire Rope

Franklin Offshore Australia is a specialist supplier of steel wire rope for all applications. Our trained staff are able to advise on the right product for your specific use, from lifting & rigging equipment to high-performance cranes and riser tensioner cables.

Performance, safety and reliability are crucial factors when selecting from the many products available and it is important to consider the conditions under which steel wire rope types need to operate. This is to ensure peak performance without the risk of failure in critical moments.

Choose from our Wire Rope products including:

6 Strand Steel Wire Rope

Franklin Offshore Australia carries out of the largest inventories of 6 stranded Wire rope in Australia.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications including lifting slings, Winch wires, Tow Lines and Hoist Wires. 6 Stranded wire rope is one of the most versatile forms of wire rope in the market.

For more information please see how data sheet below: Steel Rope Data Sheet

Non Rotate WIRE ROPE

Franklin Offshore Australia can source a wide variety of Non-Rotation wire ropes to suit your needs.

Non-Rotate wire rope is commonly used for single part or multipart reeving systems. It is multi-layered constructions helps prevent it from twisting and bird caging under load.

Common sizes and Constructions can be found in the following data sheet: Non-Rotate Wire Rope

High Performance Ropes

Teaming up with Bridon-Bekaert allows Franklin Offshore Australia to be able to offer the full Bridon range of high-performance wire ropes including crane ropes, Construction, Mining & Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration Ropes.

Bridon has been manufacturing wire ropes for more than 100 Years making them one of the world leading specialist’s in the manufacture of high-Performance wire ropes.

Bridon’s Dyform 8 & Dyform 34LR are staples in the high-performance wire rope industry and are one of the most commonly sought after high-performance ropes on the market.

A quick detail of the Bridon Range can be found in our PDF located here: High-Performance Wire Rope

If you are looking for further information on the full Bridon Product range, contact one of our sales team or see the Bridon brochure below: Bridon Brochure

wire rope

‘Bristar’ Plastic covered wire core


Superflex Cable

Superflex Wire ropes are designed for applications where high breaking strains, outstanding rotation resistance, or tremendous flexibility are needed.

It is a plaited configuration, setting it apart from standard wire rope which is Laid or Twisted. This allows the cable to be composed of many more wires than a standard laid wire rope.

Superflex cable is comprised of 912 individual wires in a cross-section which creates a cable with great flexibility yet still strong enough for practical general use.

Franklin Offshore Australia is able to supply Superflex in a cable length or in a sling form.

Superflex Wire Rope

Cable Stockings

Cable Stockings (or Cable Socks) are effectively tubing weaved together with wire rope. They are designed to securely grip all types of bare cables when there is no end fitting to grab hold off.

The more tension applied, the tighter the cable sock will grip the wire rope.

We are able to offer a wide range of cable socks to suit your needs.

You can find more information below: Cable Socks



Ask Our Advice On Steel Wire Rope

Ask our advice on the right product for your application. We understand the demands of offshore oil and gas and can advise the best selections to ensure performance, safety and reliability. Call us today on (08) 9410 2480 to find out more.

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