Steel Wire Rope

What You Need to Know About Steel Wire Rope

Whether you are using steel wire rope as lifting equipment, along with a high performance crane, or as riser tensioner cables, you still need to make sure you are getting the proper wire rope for your needs so that you have peak performance and no lapses in safety.

If you’re not sure what type of steel rope you need for your project, you can contact Franklin Offshore and a professional will gladly assist in helping you determine which would be best for your application. However, it is best to know as much as possible about the product you will be using, so here we have some general information. If you need more info, please contact Franklin Offshore Australia.

How Can Steel Wire Rope Be Used?

Along with the applications listed above, wire rope can be used as a hoist, or with winches, (Crane Wires & Drill Lines etc…) or even to create slings. Depending on the construction of the rope, it can be used in a multitude of ways and there are several sizes and types that are great to have around for general use no matter your project.

Measuring the Diameter of Wire Rope

To measure the width, you need to measure across the circle at its widest points, this is also known as the Diameter. Do not measure where two strands create a flat space. That will not give you an accurate measurement. You must make sure to Measure across the tips of the strands at the widest points. Once the Diameter, Construction & Grade of wire rope is determined, you can then use these details to find out what weight your wire rope is able to lift.

Steel Wire Rope Lays

A right lay means that the rope is twisted clockwise. Likewise, a left lay means that the rope is twisted counterclockwise. Either direction can have a regular lay or a Lang lay. In a regular lay steel wire rope, “wires in strands are laid in the opposite direction of the strands and are parallel to the rope axis.”

In a Lang lay rope, “wires are laid in the same direction as the strands of the rope and in an angle to the rope axis.” Lang lay ropes are not recommended to be used with endpoints that swivel.

What Makes Steel Wire Rope

The width of the rope, how the rope is constructed, the grade of steel used to construct it, as well as the material making up its core, are all factors when determining what type of steel rope you need for your application.

The design of the rope is determined by several factors, including: the number of wires in each strand as well as how they are arranged, the number of strands in each rope as well as how they are arranged, and also the core of the rope.


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